What are Acfee's people up to?

16 August 2017

Today Sean attended the DHIS2 Experts Academy in Oslo.

19 July 2017

Today, Tom is presenting eHealth Economics and Finance in eHealth to Rome Business School's students as part of its MSc in eHealth Management Course. It's an online presentation.

20 February 2017

Ousmane Ly, Peter Nyasulu, Sean Broomhead and Eddie Mukooyo are in Stellenbosch today supporting the STIAS Roundtable - Mobile technology in healthcare: promises and perils.

01 February 2017

Tom will run another webinar on eHealth Economics and Finance for the Rome Business School MSc in eHealth Management

08 September 2016

The African eHealth Forum (AeF) is where Acfee meets it's Advisory Board. Today and tomorrow the Acfee executive board will meet with the advisory board and representatives from two key partner organisations, HISP-SA and GE Healthcare, to discuss African challenges, opportunities and priorities for eHealth to help advance healthier Africans. Read the AeF report.

06 September 2016

eHealthALIVE Southern Africa opens today, run by Acfee, in collaboration with other key partners. Read the report.

30 June 2016

Today Sean met with ANOVA programme managers to explore innovative opportunities for using eHealth to strengthen and enhance their extensive health service interventions.

06 June 2016

Today is Sean’s birthday. It’s also the beginning of an assignment he’s taken on with HISP South Africa, to help steer their extensive range of eHealth and health-strengthening initiatives on a course to success, in a role of Director of ICT. It’s part of a number of activities underway at HISP to strengthen their capacity as they support government and its use of eHealth for better health outcomes.

09 May 2016

Ousmane will be in Durban, South Africa this week speaking at the IST Africa 2016 conference. He's providing an update on Africa Connect. He'll be catching up with the South African Acfee team too.

20 Apr 2016

On Friday 15 April 2016 Sean spoke about eHealth’s opportunities in cardiology at a CPD event in Irene, Pretoria hosted by The Campbell Educational Institute - Crossroads. There was acknowledgement of eHealth's potential to help cardiologists expand their reach, support health workers in the field and allow patient monitoring at home. It was tempered by recognition of the need for initiatives to be designed with care to address issues such as privacy, confidentiality and safety.

16 Apr 2016

Tom is at the Royal Society of Medicine's Innovation Summit. There'll be several eHNA posts following on about the inspirational eHealth and mHealth presented at the event.

Last year innovations presented at RSM and covered by eHNA included Tablets in Kenya, testing a BP shock detection device in Africa, boosting blood supplies and digital stethoscopes.

17 Mar 2016

Wes’s been hard at work, as usual, with the latest eHNA upgrade. It includes a new service for readers who’ll be able to register to create their personal eHNA page with the topics relevant to their eHealth work.

29 Feb 2016

Lesley is completing the programme for the next African eHealth Forum (AeF). Acfee’s Advisory Board is the core of the event. It’s meeting in Kampala, Uganda in a few months time. Its focus is on two main themes. One’s how to respond to the long-standing challenges. The other’s how should countries incorporate new opportunities, such as IoT, into their eHealth strategies. The report from the previous AeF is Advancing eHealth in Africa.

26 Feb 2016

Sean met a team from the Knut and Alice Wallenborg Foundation from Karolinska Institute and Stellenbosch University in late February. The Foundation wants to hold a roundtable on mHealth in February 2017, and planning’s at the initial stages meeting. It promises to be an important event as mHealth becomes increasingly prevalent across Africa. The Foundation is one of Sweden’s largest research financiers. It was founded on 19 December 1917.

15 Feb 2016

Acfee was at the third Africa Healthcare Summit 2016. They made lots of new friends and came back with some good opportunities. Sean connected with GE’s lead for Africa’s healthcare, Farid Fezoua, and it’s clear that IoT for health investment’s high on GE’s agenda. It’s part of its US$2b dollar IoT programme. This strategic emphasis from GE has extensive implications for Africa’s eHealth strategies.

21 Dec 2015

Last week a number of Acfee colleagues were in Geneva to participate in a review of the WHO/ITU National eHealth Strategy Toolkit

15 Dec 2015

Peter’s keen to expand the academic part of eHealth’s human capital development. He’s been working with Sean, Tom and Yuval to register a Short Learning Programme introduction to eHealth through Monash University South Africa

19 Nov 2015

Sean was in Pretoria today at the eHealth Interoperability Workshop hosted by South Africa’s CSIR, DoH, SAHIA and IHE. It was a well supported, informative exploration of choices and implications of South Africa’s framework for eHealth Strategy and Normative Standards Framework

10 Nov 2015

Acfee’s started inviting African universities to collaborate in its curriculum development work. Seven universities engaged in the discussion so far are from Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

14 Oct 2015

Addressing innovation fatigue in our health facilities: how to move eHealth forward was the topic of Sean’s presentation to the Innovation Matters event run by Anova Health Institute in Johannesburg, South Africa. It focused on breakthrough innovations in a dynamic health system.

01 Oct 2015

Tom is leading Acfee’s work with Johns Hopkins University to develop an mHealth economic assessment handbook for use by mHealth implementers in African countries. It’s part-funded by health.enabled.

15 Sep 2015

Sean and Taryn Sprinhall share a common frustration: eHealth events that don’t produce enough benefits. They’ve been talking about Acfee collaborating with South Africa’s eHealth News to create a new permanent annual event “eHealthALIVE”. It’s part of Acfee’s response to the recommendations made by our Advisory Board at the African eHealth Forum in Cape Town in July.

25 Aug 2015

Sean attended in the Deloitte Digital Health Captains of Industry event and contributed to a panel on Sustainability and Impact

24 Aug 2015

Tonight eHNA v3 was launched. It’s an important step along the road of building a resource to support eHealth professionals interested in improving health outcomes in African countries. It has improved navigation, search and security.

19 Aug 2015

Sean was at the African innovator magazine Round Table held in Johannesburg today. He was part of a panel on Data analysis and business intelligence for healthcare resource planning, panel discussion.

29 Jul 2015

This week Acfee hosted its first dialogue with it’s Advisory Board at the inaugural African eHealth Forum (AeF) in Cape Town. It revealed support for eHealth’s role in health systems strengthening and transformation and a new, extensive list of challenges that need to be addressed to make progress. The meeting report is Advancing eHealth in Africa.

18 May 2015

A series of articles recently run in eHNA on eHealth lessons learned for African countries have been compiled into a growing eBook. It’s available online from Acfee.

12 May 2015

This week USAID’s digital health conference takes place in Malawi. Peter attended to explore ways that Acfee and ANDH can collaborate to advance eHealth in Africa and shared a summary of his insights.

10 May 2015

The WHO’s EHR guideline development work continued in Geneva this week, with Sean and Ousmane part of the working group

23 Apr 2015

Today Sean spoke about closing Africa’s eHealth Regulation Gaps at the District Health Information System (DHIS) conference in Bloemfontein, South Africa. The event was aptly titled 20 years of innovation, from paper to the web and showcased projects and partnerships succeeding with DHIS and DHIS2 in countries across Africa. It’s run by HISP.

20 Mar 2015

Sean was in Cairo, Egypt this week to support a task force developing a regional eHealth Strategy for the WHO Regional Office of the Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO). Lessons shared across the wide diversity of African countries proved helpful and encouraging.

26 Mar 2015

Today Sean and Moretlo were in Kenya to speak at the 3rd Annual Mobile Health Africa Congress 2015. Sean talked about mHealth Impact and how to build initiatives that succeed. Moretlo shared her insights on running a telemedicine business in African countries.

17 Mar 2015

Last week Sean and Ousmane joined a team of eHealth experts in Copenhagen to work on developing WHO EHR guidelines

02 Feb 2015

Yuval has begun compiling a series of reviews for health.enabled to support their efforts to provide information and insights on key eHealth topics for African countries

30 Jan 2015

Lesley has been updating African Ministries of Health on the establishment of Acfee and inviting them to participate in an Advisory Board to ensure that Acfee’s activities are well aligned to African countries health priorities.

2 Dec 2014

This week Acfee ran its first think-tank at an olive and wine estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Meetings with partners and Acfee founders confirmed the need for a Centre for eHealth Excellence for Africa and began to outline priorities and a programme of activities.

20 Oct 2014

Today Acfee completed an Economic Evaluation of The Open Medicine South Africa’s (TOMPSA) Mobile Triage App, led by Tom

10 Oct 2014

Acfee has launched it’s eHealth curriculum structure and vision and will now begin reviewing it with universities and other stakeholders

17 Apr 2014

eHNA v2 is now live providing a new look, searchable lists of eHealth People, Initiatives, Organisations and Countries and a monthly newsletter.

01 Jul 2013

eHealth News Africa (eHNA) launched today. It’s a free, daily news digest on issues and events affecting eHealth in African countries.